12Cr1MoV High Pressure Seamless Alloy Steel Boiler Tube

This Alloy Steel Pipe with 12cr1MOV Material is a seamless steel pipe that can be used in petroleum, chemical, electric power and boiler applications. It has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.12Cr1MoV is a kind of alloy pipe. The main purpose is to make steel structural parts in the boiler.

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Product Introduction

The service temperature is 580 ℃, and the steel plate is required to have high high temperature endurance strength. The steel plate is delivered in the normalized and tempered state. 12Cr1MoVG alloy pipe is based on high-quality carbon structural steel, and one or several alloy elements are appropriately added to improve the mechanical properties, toughness and hardenability of the steel. Products made of such steel usually require heat treatment (normalizing or quenching and tempering); The parts and components made of them usually need to undergo quenching and tempering or surface chemical treatment (carburizing, nitriding, etc.), surface quenching or high-frequency quenching before use. Therefore, according to different chemical compositions (mainly carbon content), heat treatment processes and applications, such steels can be roughly divided into carburized, Quenched and tempered and nitrided steels.

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Characteristics of 12Cr1MoV Alloy Pipe

First, it can be 100% recycled, energy-saving and environmental protection.

Second, it has extremely high plasticity and can be used for secondary production and processing.

Third, it has good thermal conductivity and high temperature creep ability.

Fourth, it has good oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Fifth, it has good cold and hot processing performance.

Chemical Compositions(%) of 12Cr1MoV Seamless Alloy Steel Boiler Tube























12cr1mov Alloy Pipe Material

12Cr1MoVG is a kind of chromium molybdenum alloy steel pipe, in which the main chemical components are carbon 0.08-0.15, silicon 0.17-0.37, manganese 0.40-0.70, phosphorus not more than 0.035, sulfur not more than 0.035, chromium 0.90-1.20, molybdenum 0.25-0.35, alum 0.15-0.30, etc.

Application of 12Cr1MoV Alloy Pipe

First, it is mainly used to manufacture high-pressure alloy tubes for heating surfaces of water tube boilers with high pressure and above.

Second, it is widely used in superheaters, headers and main steam ducts of domestic high-pressure, ultra-high pressure and subcritical power station boilers.

Third, large diameter pipes are mainly used as headers and Main Steam Conduits with steam parameters below 565 ℃.

Process Flow of 12Cr1MoVG Alloy Pipe

First, hot rolling (extrusion seamless steel pipe) process flow: Round tube billet → heating → piercing → three roll cross rolling, continuous rolling or extrusion → pipe stripping → sizing (or reducing) → cooling → billet → straightening → hydrostatic test (or flaw detection) → marking → warehousing. Second, cold drawing (rolling) seamless steel pipe process flow: Round tube billet → heating → piercing → heading → annealing → pickling → oil coating (copper plating) → multi pass cold drawing (cold rolling) → billet tube → heat treatment → straightening → hydrostatic test (or flaw detection) → marking → warehousing.

Mechanical Properties of 12Cr1MoV Seamless Alloy Steel Boiler Tube

Yield Strength (Mpa)


Tensile Strength (Mpa)


Elongation (%)


W.T. Tolerance of 12Cr1MoV Seamless Alloy Steel Boiler Tube


Tolerance of W.T.


 +15%(+0.48mm min)

 -10%(+0.32mm min)








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