Cold Rolled Tinplate Sheet Steel Coil

Tinplate, also known as tinned iron, is the common name of tin plated steel sheet. Its English abbreviation is spte, which refers to cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheet or strip coated with commercial pure tin on both sides. Tin is mainly used to prevent corrosion and rusting. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and beautiful appearance of tin in one material, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non-toxic, high strength and good ductility.

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Product Introduction

Tinplate packaging has a wide coverage in the packaging container industry due to its good sealing, preservation, light shielding, firmness and unique metal decorative charm. It is a universal packaging variety in the world. Due to its strong oxidation resistance, various styles and exquisite printing, tinplate packaging containers are deeply loved by customers and are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial products packaging and so on. Many advantages of tinplate packaging containers, such as high strength, good formability and strong compatibility with products, have established a good reputation in the international market. Therefore, all countries attach great importance to this kind of packaging container, which is the largest metal packaging plate in the world. According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness, tin plating amount and mechanical properties of tinplate materials have different needs. Since its inception, tinplate has been developing in the direction of thinning. One is to use less tin, or even no tin, and the other is to reduce the thickness of the base plate of the tinplate. The purpose is to adapt to the changes of can making products and reduce the cost of can making.

Product Application

Purpose Tinplate is widely used. From food and beverage packaging materials to oil cans, chemical cans and other miscellaneous cans, the advantages and characteristics of tinplate provide good protection for the physical and chemical properties of the contents. Canned Food Tinplate can ensure the hygiene of food, reduce the possibility of corruption to the minimum, effectively prevent health risks, and meet the needs of modern people for convenience and speed in diet. It is the first choice for food packaging containers such as tea packaging, coffee packaging, health products packaging, candy packaging, cigarette packaging and gift packaging. Beverage Cans Tin cans can be used to fill juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, and can also be used to fill cola, soda, beer and other beverages. The high workability of tinplate can makes its shape change a lot. Whether it is high, short, large, small, square, or round, it can meet the diversified needs of beverage packaging and consumer preferences. Grease Tank Light will cause and accelerate the oxidation reaction of oil, reduce the nutritional value, and may also produce harmful substances. What is more serious is the destruction of oily vitamins, especially vitamin D and vitamin A. The oxygen in the air promotes the oxidation of food fat, reduces the protein biomass, and destroys vitamins. The impermeability of tinplate and the isolation effect of sealed air are the best choice for packaging fat food. Chemical Tank Tinplate is made of solid material, good protection, non deformation, shock resistance and fire resistance, and is the best packaging material for chemicals. Other Usage Biscuit cans, stationery boxes and milk powder cans with variable shape and exquisite printing are all tinplate products.

Tin Plate Features

Excellent Corrosion Resistance: By selecting a proper coating weight, appropriate corrosion resistance is obtained against container contents. Excellent Paintability & Printability: Printing is beautifully finished using various lacquers and inks. Excellent Solderability & Weldability: Tin plate is widely used for making various types of cans by soldering or welding. Excellent Formability & Strength: By selecting a proper temper grade, appropriate formability is obtained for various applications as well as the required strength after forming. Beautiful Appearance: tinplate is characterized by its beautiful metallic luster. Products with various kinds of surface roughness are produced by selecting the surface finish of the substrate steel sheet.

Tinplate Temper Grade

Black Plate

Box Annealing Continuous Annealing
Single Reduce T-1, T-2, T-2.5, T-3 T-1.5, T-2.5, T-3, T-3.5, T-4, T-5
Double Reduce DR-7M, DR-8, DR-8M, DR-9, DR-9M, DR-10

Tin Plate Surface

Finish Surface Roughness Alm Ra Features & Applications
Bright 0.25 Bright finish for general use
Stone 0.40 Surface finish with stone marks that make printing and can-making scratches less consplcuous.
Super Stone 0.60 Surface finish with heavy stone marks.
Matte 1.00 Dull finish mainly used for making crowns and DI cans (unmelted finish or tinplate)
Silver (Satin) —— Rough dull finish mainly used for making artistic cans (tinplate only, melted finish)


Packaging Details: 1. Each bare coil to be securely tied with two bands through the eye of coil (or not) and one circumferential.  2. The contact points of these bands on the coil edge to be protect with edge protectors.  3. Coil then to be properly wrapped with water proof /resistant paper, it then to be properly and completely metal wrapped.  4. Wooden and iron pallet can be used or as your requirements.  5. And each packed coil to be properly wrapped with band, three-six such band through the eye of coil at about equal distance.

Tinplate Products Special Requirement

Slitting tinplate Coil: width 2 ~ 599mm available after slitting with precise tolerance control. Coated and prepainted tinplate: according to customers’ color or logo design. The temper/hardness comparison in different standard.
Standard GB/T 2520-2008 JIS G3303:2008 ASTM A623M-06a DIN EN 10202:2001 ISO 11949:1995 GB/T 2520-2000
Temper Single reduced T-1 T-1 T-1 (T49) TS230 TH50+SE TH50+SE
T1.5 —– —– —– —– —–
T-2 T-2 T-2 (T53) TS245 TH52+SE TH52+SE
T-2.5 T-2.5 —– TS260 TH55+SE TH55+SE
T-3 T-3 T-3 (T57) TS275 TH57+SE TH57+SE
T-3.5 —– —– TS290 —– —–
T-4 T-4 T-4 (T61) TH415 TH61+SE TH61+SE
T-5 T-5 T-5 (T65) TH435 TH65+SE TH65+SE
Double reduced DR-7M —– DR-7.5 TH520 —– —–
DR-8 DR-8 DR-8 TH550 TH550+SE TH550+SE
DR-8M —– DR-8.5 TH580 TH580+SE TH580+SE
DR-9 DR-9 DR-9 TH620 TH620+SE TH620+SE
DR-9M DR-9M DR-9.5 —– TH660+SE TH660+SE
DR-10 DR-10 —– —– TH690+SE TH690+SE

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